Do you feel like you are winging it with your marketing and business process?

The Mortgage Marketing blueprint has been created to give you a step-by-step process that maximizes your chance of lead generation, client referrals and brand awareness, as well as reduces the amount of time spent with each client.

The Mortgage Marketing Blueprint is broken into 4 stages

  1. Mortgage Marketing Process
  2. Mortgage Appointment Process
  3. Mortgage Follow Up Process
  4. Client Final Touch

What Is Included?

  • Mortgage Marketing Blueprint Video Masterclass
  • Mortgage Marketing Blueprint downloadable PDF

Extra Stuff

  • Mini Fact Find Questionnaire Template
  • The PERFECT Testimonial Structure
  • 15 Content Title Ideas For Mortgage Brokers

Who Am I?

My name is Ash Borland, I am a Content Marketing Consultant, Ex- mortgage broker, Top 20 UK Marketing Podcaster and one of the first people in the uk mortgage industry to make video content

What do I do?

I help mortgage brokers create IMPACT & INCOME by teaching them to MASTER content marketing.

Why do I do it?

My theory is that everyone is individual, and we all are our unique selling point. When we start to embrace our own individuality and use it in a focused way, we become memorable, unstoppable and irreplaceable.

How do I do it?

My unique "Mortgage Marketing Blueprint & Mortgage Marketing Mastery" methods looks at personal branding, social selling and content marketing in tangible and actionable way. So anyone with the patience to do so can build the brand they want.